MillTech Recruitment Personnel (PTY) LTD has expanded its Service offering by incorporating recruitment for all people including people with disabilities. We are not limited to any industry, as we have a growing database of candidates that are faced with disabilities. We strive to empower all people including people with disabilities through selection and placement ensuring their growth in the working environment. Our candidates are of the required competencies and abilities that our clients require. We have formed relationships with associations for people with disabilities and we have also formed relationships with some Universities that have allowed us access to their database.

We have robust policies and practices in place and our employee and candidate selection process is based on personal competencies, relevant experience and qualifications that are related to the job requirements.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Verbal references
  • ITC credit checks
  • Qualification verification
    • Background checks
    • Verbal References
  • Skills assessment (testing)
  • Criminal records / Fingerprint Checks
    • ID and License verification
  • Head-Hunting
  • Talent Search
  • Sourcing (Temporary and Contract Placements)
  • Response Handling
  • Advertising (Placement of advertisements)

Benefits to Our Clients

We assist our clients in enhancing their employment equity profile by sourcing suitable candidates with relevant expertise and those with disabilities and placing them in a suitable environment.


Step One

  • Advertise positions
  • Screening of feedback from candidate/s

Step Two

  • Proof reading CV’s
  • Shortlist CV's
  • Conduct face to face screening interview

Step Three

  • Prepare CV's in company format detailing the candidate/s abilities

Step Four

  • E-mail shortlisted CV's to client

Step Five

  • Upon client feedback with shortlist we setup interviews using clients preferred shortlist
  • Setup interviews between client and candidate/s

Step Six

  • Upon clients choice of candidate/s an offer letter is sent to
  • We forward the offer letter to the preferred candidate/s, when offer is accepted by candidate, it is then sent  back to the client